Keep your eyes on the Frog and the Runner.

No, they’re not characters from a Dr. Seuss story, but these two latest fitness contraptions will blast your muscles and crush your cardio while helping keep you injury-free. You may not see them—yet—in your local gym, but in time they’re sure to be as common as a squat rack.


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The Frog Trainer, an ATV-looking total-body resistance trainer, and the TrueForm Runner, a nonmotorized curved treadmill that’s available in various surfaces such as artificial grass and rubberized track. Combine the two and you get a quick and punishing Tabata-type routine that’ll have you equally pumped and drained.

“Within a few reps I’ve had athletes feeling the burn from their quads and their shoulders,” says celebrity trainer Danny Musico. “Plus it’s one of the best core-based machines I use with my clients. You’re holding up to 100lbs of resistance that’s wanting to snap you back like an accordion.”

Exercise variety with the Frog will never be a problem: You can do anything from resistance planks to thrusters on this fitness four-wheeler. It’s joint-friendly versatility for both strength and conditioning are some of the reasons why it’s been popping up in NFL weight rooms such as the Steelers, Saints, and New York Giants. You can also adjust the tension with bands that come in weights from 10 to 80lbs.

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The Runner, meanwhile, is a big hit with the New York Giants. It’s self-propelled, which means it’s your body—not a programmed machine—doing all the work in pushing the treadmill. Better yet, the effort you put into the run will force you to properly maintain an upright posture instead of an injury-causing bentover position.

“By developing proper running motion,” Musico says, “you’ll develop speed and add explosiveness to your overall performance.”

If you’re lucky to get a hold of both the Frog and TrueForm runner, try this eight-minute workout to get your heart rate moving and body pumping.

Man On Frog Trainer
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The workout

Directions: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest before moving to the next exercise. Complete one round. If too easy, do two rounds.

1. Superman: With the rear axle of the Frog locked, lie facedown on the frog with your chest about two inches off the pad. With arms about shoulder-width apart, press axle forward as if performing a shoulder press. 
2. Treadmill run: (light pace)
3. Leaper: Lie face-down, with chest two inches off the resting pad. With elbows bent and legs fully stretched out, bring legs to chest then push back out until your body’s in a straight line. That’s one rep.
4. Treadmill run: (moderate pace)
5. Core killer: With legs stretched out and arms slightly bent, bring your body into a pike position, then push your legs back out until your body returns to a straight position. That’s one rep. 
6. Treadmill run: (all-out sprint)
7. Thruster: After removing bottom two wheels, set up Frog in a vertical position. Place your feet in foot rests roughly shoulder-width apart. Squat down and place axle on upper chest, as if you’re in the bottom position of a front squat. Lift up, then press axle overhead to complete one rep. 
8. Treadmill run (moderate pace)