The Status

Gaetano Cisternino

Gaeteno ‘Guy’ Cisternino first  stepped onstage in 2003, still unsure of his full potential. After a few years of competing on the local NPC level, he decided in 2005 to take his career to the next level.

His first attempt to secure a pro card was at the 2007 Nationals, where Guy came in a close second to Jose Raymond. After taking another year off to work on his physique, he  focused his sights on the 2008 Nationals and came in better than ever, winning the stacked middleweight class and earning his place as a new IFBB pro.

Place of Birth: Paterson, NJ

Age: 42

Competition Weight: 212

Off-Season: 220

Competition History

Year League Competition Place
2018 IFBB Arnold Classic Ohio 6th
2014 IFBB San Marino Pro 4th
2014 IFBB Toronto Pro 1st
2014 IFBB Europa SuperShow - Dallas 1st
2013 IFBB Mr Olympia 7th
2012 IFBB 3rd
2012 IFBB Sheru Classic 4th
2012 IFBB New York Pro 5th