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6 Ripped Vegans You Should Follow

Who needs meat when you can be jacked like these veggie eaters?

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Ever since the tyrannosaurus-rex set the trend, the carnivore has long been associated with the masculine stereotype. Simply put, eating meats that consist of high protein was the best way to put on mass and gain muscle. However, after millions of years, things have started to change. With an increase in technological advancement, different ways to intake protein have become available. As a result, essentially all people and, specifically, many athletes have integrated vegetables to become a staple in their respective diets.

Interestingly, some athletes have gone even further. They’ve turned to veganism. Though the vegan lifestyle has amassed a sizable following in the past couple years, the people who have hopped on the vegan bandwagon are not stereotyped as being strong or ripped. That being said, looking at these five vegan athletes could change your mind.

No. 1: Billy Simmonds


Simmonds is an Australian body builder who won the 2009 Mr. Universe championship. Currently, Simmonds works as a nutrition consultant and a professional stuntman. Simmonds also owns a black belt in the Korean martial art hapkido.


No. 2: Austin Aires


A TNA professional wrestler, Aires decided to become a vegan in 2011. He made his choice because he believed that the corporate food industry does not serve food that’s healthy enough to consume. Aires has felt healthy since the switch in 2011 and, in 2012, he won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.


No. 3: Dominick Thompson


Thompson may not have national fame, but he sure knows how to carve out a niche in instagram. Thompson, who has over 90,000 followers, has not eaten meat for thirteen years. His main reason for giving up animal meats was that he felt humans were not designed to consume animal. According to him, without machines, we wouldn’t be eating them. Thompson acted on this mindset. He started off as a vegetarian and, three years ago, he hopped aboard the vegan squad. Thompson also participates in triathalons and ironman competitions. 


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