You may be new to Instagram—browbeaten into creating an account against your better judgment. If this is the case, then you’re definitely unaware of the treasure-trove you could be trolling through right this very moment. Here’s a secret: Instagram isn’t just for girls.

Instagram is basically a virtual look book for models, celebrities and ordinary women who happen to be insanely gorgeous, fit, and fun to follow (on social media that is … please don’t literally follow anyone). But finding these gems among the 150 million Instagram accounts is a daunting task. So, we did all the hard work for you. For those of you who are reading—and soon to be looking—through this list of the hottest gym girls on Instagram who don’t have an Instagram, well, get ‘gramming.

1. Alyssa Julya Smith

Co-owner and Brand Director of luxury swimwear line, LEZARD SWIM, Smith has worked as a professional model since she was 16. She’s an actress, too; you can spot her in Couples Retreat.

2. Rocky Barnes

The bikini model, born and raised in Southern California, is actually named Rachel, but goes by Rocky on Instagram where she’s quickly become a fan favorite.

3. Lais DeLeon

The Brazilian beauty is a fitness and bikini model.

4. Sarah Stage

There’s a reason 922K people follow model. Follow her and you’ll see, too.

5. Mara Teigen

If things get better with age, then 19-year-old American model, Mara Teigen, is one to look out for.

6. Natasha Oakley

The Aussie is the co-creator of A Bikini A Day and designer of Monday Swimwear. She literally lives in a bikini for a living and definitely has the body for it.

7. Bianca Chyeah

Full-time commercial model, health entusiast, yoga-lover, and creative director of health and fitness blog, Sporteluxe.

8. Ashley Freeman

Sydney-based health and fitness enthusiast and motivator.

9. Sendi Skopljak

The Swedish beauty is a fitness enthusiast with a major social media presence.

10. Natalie Uhling

Radius Master Trainer, Creator of NUFitTM, Triple Threat, & RoundHouse and Under Armour Athlete, Woman of WILL.

11. Misty Copeland

Soloist with American Ballet Theatre.

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12. Gisele Bundchen

The Brazilian supermodel caps off the list.