Anthony Johnson is Set to Rumble at UFC 187

The light heavyweight No. 1 contender talks strength training, his diet, and preparation for Daniel Cormier.


UFC light heavyweight No. 1 contender Anthony "Rumble" Johnson is set to square off against No. 3 ranked light heavyweight Daniel "DC" Cormier for the vacant UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 187 in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 23. 

The 31-year-old has won nine consecutive fights and sports a calm demeanor as M&F meets up with him in the brightly lit green room of CBS Studios -- where we spoke with UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman

A member of the esteemed Blackzilians training camp in Boca Raton, Florida, Johnson thrives on the pressure of big-time fights. 

"I make my own moments," says Johnson with a mild smirk.

Johnson had more than just top-tier training partners at his disposal for the biggest fight of his career. His immediate family, including his aunt Barbara, cousin Nanyamka and grandma Pearlene, stayed close to his Florida home while he prepped for Cormier. 

Pearlene adopted Johnson at age two and raised him to be the man he is today, which is why he has plans to call her right before his walk to the cage.

"I want to make my grandmother happy because the one thing that she said -- I talked to her the other day -- she wanted to wear the belt in church [laughs]," Johnson says. "I want to see that smile on her face walking in church with that belt on her shoulder or around her waist because she's the mother of the church."

Johnson, accompanied by Pearlene, forgoes wearing traditional business attire for today's lineup of media engagements, instead opting for Oakley shades, pants that resemble True Religion, a JACO sweatshirt and a beaded cross necklace. Check out what the hard-hitting brawler has to say about training, nutrition, "DC" and much more.