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How Tragedy and a Pandemic Led to Plunge

Ryan Duey is the co-founder and co-CEO of Plunge – an at-home no-plumbing-required cold exposure tub that has gained a huge following since its debut in 2020. In 2012 he was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle collision while in Thailand. He says this event became a “gift,” leading to a startup float tank business.

Like countless other business owners, the Covid-19 pandemic was devastating for Ryan. Against the wall, he teamed up with someone else in the float tank industry to collaborate on what would eventually become Plunge.

In this discussion, Ryan fills in the gaps between Plunge’s upstart and the various benefits of cold plunges for your overall health, mental fitness, and recovery. We also talked about Plunge’s latest product, the sauna, and why equipment like an assault bike and movements like kettlebell swings are a must for fitness enthusiasts.

Cold Plunges …

1. have been shown to increase dopamine levels, which can enhance focus and motivation.
2. may help reduce depression and improve overall mood.
3. can potentially provide pain relief, stress relief, and better sleep when done regularly.
4. were shown to reduce lower upper respiratory tract infections.
5. can decrease the stress hormone cortisol.

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