Old School Ass Kicker: Bill Goldberg

Former WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg has been a serious fighting enthusiast for nearly 20 years. In this exclusive interview, the heavy-hitter talks martial arts training, his wrestling days and more.

Old School Ass Kicker: Bill Goldberg

Actor, television personality, and former WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg is training like a fighter. After hosting Glory Kickboxing's Top 10 Knockouts on Spike TV earlier this year, rumors have swirling in the combat sports universe about when Goldberg will get back in the ring. It’s only a matter of time before we know who’s next.

M&F: How are you training these days?

Bill Goldberg: I train Muay Thai and lift weights three to six times a week. Today is the “hour of power,” an hour of throwing 100% power shots. You jab, right cross, hook, right cross, then kick.

When did you develop a passion for Muay Thai? 
BG: In 1999, I sought out one-on-one Muay Thai training to prepare for wrestling in Japan. That started my love for the sport. 

Do you plan to compete in combat sports?
BG: Glory kickboxing offered me a fight, but it was too soon. If Goldberg is going to fight, there has to be proper buildup. Don’t think I’m training this often if I don’t intend to fight. 

What’s the worst damage you’ve done with your finishing move, the Spear? 
BG: I’d imagine a couple of knees were torn up—all unintentional. It’s just the nature of the beast. 

What’s your favorite moment in professional wrestling? 
BG: After I beat Hulk Hogan in Atlanta for the title, my former Atlanta Falcons teammates came to see me. Seeing their enjoyment was really cool because I tried to emulate them in my rise to the NFL. They wanted to be me that night.

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