Talk about adding some muscle definition.

Indian actor Karan Patel looks like a completely new person after going through a stunning body transformation. “I can now afford to forget wearing a t-shirt at times,” he noted

Much like Bollywood mainstays Aamir Khan (who added pounds of muscle and got down to 9% body fat for his movie Dangal) and Ajith Kumar (who bulked up for his film Vivegam), Patel forged his previously soft body into an impressively steely physique:


Patel stars on the Indian soap opera Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (a.k.a. This is Love). While his body change may not be for a specific storyline on the show, Patel looks so different, the show might have to address it at some point:



Here are some more looks of Patel’s transformation:

The award-winning actor put in a ton of work in the gym, doing intense work on his biceps and pecs:


Take another look at those arms:


Patel went from having a bit of a belly to getting an impressively flab-free midsection:

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Patel showed off his sculpted back:


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