Arnold Schwarzenegger debuted the brand new Strongman USA competition this past weekend to complement the already legendary Arnold Sports festival. The Arnold Strongman USA event was on January 19, and was comprised of a strongman competition and the World’s Strongest Firefighter contest. The competition took place at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California, and a portion of the proceeds will go toward the Santa Monica, Ventura, and CALFire Benevolent Funds. Here’s what the crowds got to witness at the event: 

Strongman Competitors

  • Matjaz Belsak
  • Brian Clark
  • Jean-Francois Caron
  • Rauno Heinla
  • Jitse Kramer
  • Martins Licics
  • Jimmy Paquet
  • Jerry Pritchett
  • Mateusz Kieliszkowski

Events of the competition

  • Log Press For Reps (385 pounds)
  • Last Man Standing Deadlift (Opening at 700 pounds)
  • Rogue Sandbag Carry (400 pounds)
  • Atlas Stone To Shoulder For Reps (400 pounds)
  • Antique Fire Truck Pull

Martins Licis came out on top as the winner, which automatically qualified him for the Arnold Pro Strongman World Championship, which takes place from February 28 – March 3 in Columbus, Ohio. 

Overall, the competition appeared to be a success for its first go around, and definitely attracted some of the biggest names in the fitness community. Here’s just a taste of the legendary muscle that gathered at the show.

Shawn Rhoden With Arnold and Franco Columbu

Brian Shaw at Arnold’s House

The Mountain With Joe Manganiello 

Larry Wheels With Arnold