Coming off of his miraculous 25,000-calorie cheat day from 2018, former World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw, decided to bring another bowel-busting eating challenge to his YouTube page—and this time, the professional strongman decided to get a bit more dangerous by attempting to eat everything the Taco Bell menu has to offer. And by everything, we mean everything (outside of some vegetarian options he claims would be a “waste of space.”) Shaw even ordered the weird, obscure items, like empanadas, that most people don’t even know Taco Bell makes. 

For those willing to try (don’t), the price was just a hair over $120, which is a reminder that Taco Bell is still the best value in fast food. However, the real price was the toll that the food took on Shaw’s stomach. He stumbled pretty early in the challenge when he got hit by some mystery sauce that didn’t agree with his stomach. Like the competitor he is, he still powered through most of the food in front of him, but had to tap out before devouring everything. As you’d imagine, he doesn’t finish in good shape—we just hope that the Shaw household has a very strong plumbing system. 

Take a look for yourself. 

The last time we saw the Colorado Native he was recovering from a torn hamstring he suffered at the 2019 Arnold. Shaw is clearly a resilient man, but even the strongest bodies have their limits. His is apparently $120 worth of fast food tacos.

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