Mike Tyson took a chunk out of Evander Holyfield’s ear back in 1997, but it’s never common to see professionals, who are paid to use their hands, resort to such measures in the boxing ring. On March 30, when boxer “Animal” Kash Ali entered the ring against David Price, biting ultimately became part of their fight. According to reports, Ali bit Price up to four times in the third round, and again in the fifth after tackling him to the ground, which caused him to be disqualified by the referee.

“I don’t want to share the ring again with an animal like that,” said Price. “He did a couple early on, and I thought he had lost his head completely. I hurt him to the body just before the final bite he took.”

Ali, who seemed regretful following the incident, called for a rematch, which seems unlikely at this time. “There’s no excuses for it, I think just the build-up to the fight, it was my first time I’ve boxed on the big stage, I was so pumped up, I was ready to fight, the street stupid mentality just kicked in,” he said. “It was stupid.”

Price’s victory by disqualification at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena improved his record to 24-6 and was Ali’s first career lost. Ali’s actions won’t go unpunished as he’s expected to meet with the British Boxing Board of Control’s central area council at a later date and could see discipline ranging from a fine to a ban.