Queensland, Australia, has been pounded with crazy weather in recent days due to Cyclone Debbie. The storm has created massive flash floods within the area, and a bunch of Aussie bros decided to make the best of it. 

In the video above, you can see countless surfers who decided not to evacuate, but to instead ride the thrashing river with their boards.

The best part is that these guys, due to the strong current, had to enlist the help of a JetSki to whip them into a wave that formed in the middle of the river.

To make the story more epic, this same storm also washed up on shore a bull shark, via flash floods just like the one you see above.

You be the judge, what’s crazier: These guys surfing a debris-filled rapid in the heart of a cyclone? Or the fact that dangerous Australian wildlife lies beneath those very waters?

I’d say both; these Aussies are insane. Only in Australia.