When Dywane “The Rock” Johnson does anything, he goes all the way. Whether it’s crushing massive weight in the gym, having a huge cheat day meal that could kill a mortal man, or doing stunts in his movies, Johnson always gives 100 percent effort.

Super Bowl snacks are no different.

That’s why Johnson and his Seven Bucks production company are teaming up with the Guinness Book of World Records to create a delicious—and massive—Super Bowl snack.

Johnson will debut a live video to set the record for the world’s largest seven-layer dip, which he previewed with a post on his Instagram page. (Naturally, since the video’s about making a record-setting dip, Johnson used the song “Da’ Dip” by Freak Nasty for the soundtrack):

Just as when Johnson gave a military vet a new car, the good-natured actor will be donating all the food to the Midnight Mission in Los Angeles once the record is set.