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Five Surprisingly Bad-Ass Actors

From careers built on comedies and romantic leads, these stars went bad -- and did it very well.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Remember that goofy kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun

Who would have thought that he would grow up to become such a hardcore action star? After a long absence from acting when 3rd Rock wrapped, Gordon-Levitt moved to the big screen. His breakout movies was the rom-com 500 Days of Summer (guys who have seen this probably were dragged there screaming by their better halves).

However, in 2010, Gordon-Levitt got into action mode when he starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception, where he had one of the best, craziest, gravity-defying fight scenes in movie history. Still, no one could have predicted his metamorphosis in Looper. He plays a younger version of Bruce Willis (who got his big acting break in Moonlighting, lest we forget). Gordon-Levitt, who holds his own in the movie, can now look forward to more badass roles after this performance. 

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