The entire powerlifting world was shocked when the promoters of the Beasts of the Bench meet somehow managed to misload the bar when Julius Maddox attempted to become the first person to bench 800 pounds raw. The error took Maddox — who holds the raw bench record at 770 pounds — out of the zone, and caused him to miss the historic lift.

After saying his piece about the mishap, Maddox seems to be getting right back to work and once again has his eyes set on 800. He recently posted an Instagram picture with the caption “800 on deck.” Responding to a commenter, he said there’s no scheduled date for his second attempt at glory.

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“Believe in the Impossibilities” 800 on deck…

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And just like last time, he’s hitting the gym hard. He recently uploaded a video of him lifting 600 pounds for nine easy reps.

And here he is taking “just 495” for a ride on safety bar squats. Just 495.

There’s no question Maddox has the drive and talent to become the first man to bench 800 raw. We’re confident that whenever he does try it next, there’ll be many people checking to see that the bar will be loaded safely and correctly.