LeBron James turned the basketball world (and the Internet) on its head on Friday when he decided to undo his controversial 2010 decision to leave his Ohio hometown to play for the Miami Heat. After four seasons and two championships, he’ll return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team where he made his name in the NBA, for the 2014-2015 season. While a lot of Miami Heat fans were unhappy with LeBron’s decision to leave, The Rock took a positive spin on the decision and reached out the LeBron to thank him for his efforts:

In two weeks, The Rock’s latest film, Hercules, will open on in theaters. We’ve been posting all of The Rock’s Team Hercules workouts— check out his latest, the legs workout. Fans of The Rock all over the world have responded with over 2.5 million social media interactions on the campaign, according to USA TODAY.

The Rock is still adhering to the program, and took to Twitter to let us know that not only is he on the Team Hercules regime, but his dog Louie is too. Check out their report (some of Louie’s language is a little NSFW).

This isn’t the first time we have seen Louie putting in the hard yards to get in shape worthy of being The Rock’s sidekick—we’ve also seen that he has the same legendary focus as his master:

Photo courtesy of therock.