Infamous backyard brawler Kimbo Slice is going legit. Will he survive the professional fury of the MMA cage?

This weekend (February 12), Kimbo Slice — the man who has made a name for himself pounding on street-cred-seeking backyard brawlers — steps into the cage for his third MMA bout. He walloped Bo Cantrell in 19 seconds in his debut back in November. But he won't be throwing hands with some overmatched tomato can this time — when the opening bell rings on Saturday, he'll be tangling with the aptly nicknamed Tank Abbott.

Recently, M&F senior editor Mark Thorpe sat through a fast-and-furious training session with Kimbo at Bas Rutten's Thousand Oaks (Calif.) gym. His training and physique — as you'll see — reflect the ferocity of his fists. Thorpe's well-penned profile also gives you some background on how Kimbo made the transition from backyard brawler to MMA mauler.

Will his preparation payoff against Tank this Saturday on Showtime's ProElite fight card? Tune in to the fight this weekend and find out.

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