Super Show-Down may be over, but the stage is already being set for the next WWE event: Crown Jewel, which will air live from Saudi Arabia.

After Triple H defeated The Undertaker in Australia alongside his best friend Shawn Michaels, “The Deadman” and his brother Kane refused to show respect to the duo, culminating in Michaels getting thrown through an announcer’s table. On Raw last night, both HHH and HBK made it clear that the time for respect was over.

Instead, they have just two words for ‘Taker and Kane: “Suck it!”

The legendary “Attitude Era” tag-team D-Generation X is officially back, and Michaels is finally out of retirement. The two announced that they’re ready to get their revenge on “The Brothers of Destruction” at Crown Jewel.

Meanwhile, acting Raw General Manager Baron Corbin came up with an idea to hopefully help him win back the respect of Stephanie McMahon—an “International” Battle Royale to determine one of the competitors for the WWE World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel.

While Corbin quickly took care of most of the superstars, one competitor remained: the mysterious “Conquistador.” And something seemed suspicious when the supposed Mexican luchador landed a trio of German suplexes.

After getting the pin, the luchador revealed himself to be none other than former Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, who was forced to go “on vacation” thanks to Stephanie McMahon. With a spot in the World Cup guaranteed and Corbin humiliated, we wouldn’t be surprised if “The American Hero” decides he wants his old job back. But first, he needs to take on John Cena and the rest of the World Cup competitors at Crown Jewel.

Crown Jewel airs live from Saudi Arabia on November 2, only on the WWE Network.