Strongman Eddie Hall is no stranger to setting world records. He holds the all-time deadlift record at 500kg (1,102 lbs.); the axle press world record at 476 lbs.; and an unofficial silver dollar deadlift (a deadlift with a barbell double the height of an average one) world record at 1,182 lbs.

And while he may be retired from Strongman competitions, Hall’s apparently not quite done setting world records.

The 2017 World’s Strongest Man recently set the world record for the Isabel CrossFit workout, which consists of 30 snatches with 135 lbs. for time, at the CrossFit European Championships.

Hall didn’t just break the old record of 1:20, previously held by CrossFit legend Rich Froning, he smashed it at 50.9 seconds.

Watch him in action here:

He made it look easy, but Hall admits in a YouTube video that the feat actually took quite a lot out of him. “Does it count if you die?” he joked while catching his breath.

CrossFit enthusiasts catch a lot of flack from internet trolls and gym bros, but “The Beast” has nothing but admiration for its athletes. “Like all due respect to CrossFit, that’s tough,” he told the crowd. “Really hard.”  

Hall only announced his intention to try to break the record about a week ago in a YouTube video. While he’s undoubtedly strong, the conditioning needed to hoist 135 lbs. in the air multiple times must have taken some serious training.

And now, he’s challenging anyone who thinks they can beat his new record to give it a shot. “I’ve thrown the gauntlet down,” he says in his YouTube video.  “If anyone in the CrossFit world, or the Strongman world, or powerlifting world thinks they can beat that well then have a go. Cause I guarantee you’ll have a heart attack.”

Who’s going to accept his challenge?