Watch: Boxing Manager Goes Ballistic at Press Conference

"I’ll f*** your wife in your bed!” was just one of the insults that Avni Yildirim's rep had for the opponent's camp during the wild presser.

WATCH: Boxing Manager Goes Ballistic at Press Conference
Martin Rose / Staff / Getty

It's no surprise when two fighters throw a barrage of verbal jabs during a press conference to promote their upcoming bout. In some instances, tempers quickly flare, and the dislike between the two combatants may escalate into some type of physical altercation.

And then there are other scenarios where it's a member of the fighter's camp who causes the ruckus. Such was the case during yesterday's press conference for the upcoming fight between Avni Yildirim and Chris Eubank Jr. at the World Boxing Super Series.

After both fighters had calmly shared their thoughts on the upcoming match, it was time for Yildirim's manager, Ahmet Oner, to ratchet things up with a profanity-laced tirade against Eubank and his family before standing up and confronting a member of the opponent's camp.

"I'll knock you out," Oner yelled. "You're a f***ing piece of shit, a son of a b****, you fight me you c***."

Oner finally relented, but there was more to come, and the angry Turk was clearly already boiling at this point. Seconds after returning to his table, the seething manager lost it once again when he felt he was being laughed at. “Don’t laugh at me!" he demanded. "When you laugh again, you son of a bitch, I f*** your...I’ll f*** your wife in your bed!” Wow, talk about a low blow.

Whether it was true hatred toward the opposition or a stunt to garner more attention for a fight that could use some extra PR, Oner's tirade was one for the books. If the actual boxing match is half as entertaining as the press conference melee, it'll be worth tuning in.

Yildirim and Eubank will square off in Stuttgart on Saturday in the second super middleweight quarterfinal of the inaugural eight-man tournament.

No word yet as to who will be having sex with whose wife, or on what bed.