Over the weekend, the Glory 42 kickboxing event was headlined by the apparent sucker punch from Murthel Groenhart that crumbled his opponent, Harut Grigorian. 

For some inexplicable reason, Grigorian turned his back on Groenhart while within striking distance and without the referee issuing a stoppage. Groenhart seized the opportunity with a punishing KO, which left Grigorian dazed and bloodied. The hit appeared completely legal, but the crowd took exception to it. 

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Right after this exchange, two men stormed the ring with intent to attack Groenhart. Fight broadcaster Todd Grisham confirmed that the men came from the crowd. They threw many punches, but the first flying punch landed cleanly—and you can see the sweat fly off the unprepared fighter’s head. 

Not only did Groenhart get the sense knocked out of him, he also may have suffered a broken jaw, according to ring announcer Tim Hughes

Moral of the story: always defend yourself.