With one more fight left in his contract, UFC fighter Vitor Belfort has announced his plans to retire. However, his interest in ending his career by possibly fighting former WWE superstar and UFC fighter CM Punk (whose current record is only 0-1) has raised some eyebrows.

The UFC’s current Middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, had some, well, colorful things to say in response. Please note that the following quotes contain extremely strong language.

On the latest episode of Bisping’s podcast, “Believe You Me,” Bisping makes it extremely clear to his listeners that he feels that Belfort’s controversial history with steroids is proof that he is a coward.

“This is a sign of the pussy that Vitor Belfort is. This is the sign of a pussy that takes fucking steroids his entire career. If you take steroids, you are a fucking pussy because you’re so mentally weak that you feel that you can’t go out there and fight these people on a level playing field because you’re gonna get your ass kicked…and the very fact that somebody would take steroids their entire career, then get their ass kicked, then call out CM Punk, I’m not surprised motherfuckers. It’s a simple as that and that just speaks volumes to the character and the level of a man that Vitor Belfort is. I wouldn’t fucking piss on him if he was on fire.”

Please, Michael, tell us how you really feel.

It’s worth noting that Belfort knocked out Bisping during a UFC match in 2013. While Belfort had passed the drug test before the match, it was known that he was taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), which has since been banned by the UFC. Belfort had also failed drug tests in the past. Meanwhile, Bisping’s drug test record is spotless.

Regardless of what Belfort’s last match ends up being, we’re pretty sure Bisping won’t be invited to the retirement party.