Seth Rollins did not have a great day last week on Raw. The beloved Intercontinental champion suffered a devastating loss at the hands of Dolph Ziggler, who managed to take both his belt and his pride in a shocking victory.

This week, Rollins cashed in on his rematch clause in hopes of redemption, and although the match was a sight to behold, it didn’t quite end the way he wanted it to.

Both superstars are renowned for their technical skills in the ring, and Monday night’s match was a perfect showcase of both Rollins’ and Ziggler’s talents. The match constantly went back and forth, lasting over twenty minutes.

To be fair, Ziggler had an advantage in the form of his partner, former NXT champion Drew McIntyre. Rollins even managed to successfully pin Ziggler, but it didn’t count because McIntyre had been distracting the referee. McIntyre also tried to distract Rollins multiple times to let Ziggler sneak in a pin, but to no avail.

It appeared that Rollins finally had Ziggler down for the count, until McIntyre swiftly ran into the ring to assault Rollins. As McIntyre was attacking Rollins, he also got a surprise guest—Rollins’ former Shield teammate Roman Reigns. Reigns was able to fight McIntyre off while Rollins recovered.

In the end, the match ended in disqualification, with Rollins technically winning, but Ziggler keeping his title.

While Rollins technically won, his victory unfortunately rang hollow due to Ziggler’s retaining the belt. Without McIntyre, Ziggler would’ve been done for, so it’s highly likely that “The Celtic Colossus” is Rollins and Reigns’ next target before they go for the title again.

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