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Q&A With Von Miller: Staying at the Top of the Game

The Super Bowl 50 MVP talks training, eating, and being dominant on the gridiron.

Q&A With Von Miller: Staying at the Top of the Game

M&F: What did it mean for you to win the Super Bowl MVP award?

Von Miller: I mean its great—you know the Super Bowl ring means a little more to me because it's the award that we did together. We all had a great game; I feel like the MVP could have gone to anybody. It’s a great award to have but the Super Bowl ring weighs a little more. 

How do you train during the offseason? How many days do you workout, how many hours a day?

I take Saturday and Sunday off but I try to do something every day. I don’t try to look at it as work though; I try to look at it as a lifestyle.  It’s what I have to do to maintain the player that I am today. I just try to take "work" out of my vocabulary. I like to do something every day to keep my body in shape. 

What’s your lifting regimen like? Do you do any squatting, or benching, or deadlifting, any big lifts like that?

I don’t do any of that stuff until June, July, getting ready for the season. I’ll probably do that for about two months, heading up to the season is when I usually get all my heavy lifting in.  Early in the season I probably won’t be lifting, it will probably be light resistance work.

For now, if you’re not lifting, do you do speed drills, or mobility work?

I play football, so that’s essential. I do a lot of sprints and stuff to keep the Ferrari going. But agility drills—I ease that in week-by-week. 

As an outside LB, are there any position-specific exercises that you do to be a better tackler, pass rusher, things like that?

I wouldn’t say there are any specific drills; for me what I like to do is to get the proper amount of sleep, stay on top of my diet. And we have great coaches that keep my individual drills up and stay on top of nutrition.

After a workout, do you anything cool to recover?

I like to do the cryotherapy unit, where you use the nitrogen to drop the temperature down to negative 250. I leave the coach to it but if I had a choice, I would do cryotherapy. 

What does it feel like in there? 

It feels like Lambo field. Mid-December, with just a pair of underwear on. In the middle of a snowstorm. 

Do you feel great when it’s done? Does it live up to the hype?

Yeah I think it does. I think it works longer than the cold tub. But I’m a cold tub guy; I’ve been using the cold tub since day one.