This Russian strongman takes the concept of relocating to a whole new level. Why move heavy furniture and appliances piece by piece when you can just move the whole damn house?

And that’s just what Elbrus Nigmatullin did when he strapped up and dragged a two-story, 30-ton wooden house over a 10-foot track in the town of Chelyabinsk. Equipped with ladder rungs, the customized track was designed by engineers to assist the strongman in his world record attempt.

“When I first approached this house, I was only 30 percent sure that I could make something happen. But when the eyes are afraid, the legs keep on going,” said the strongman from the Ural Mountains. Check out his record-breaking effort:

You’ve got to admire the mighty man’s creativity when it comes to showcasing his strength. Aside from hauling this house for a new world record, Nigmatullin has also hoisted a 1,543lb camel atop a 440lb platform, holding the 1983lb total weight above his head for just under 45 seconds.