When it’s time to take down a big, strong tree for whatever reason, most outdoorsman will grab a saw or an axe to get the job done. Then there’s Penn State, defensive tackle, Anthony Zettel who opts for the quicker, less traditional approach of just lowering his shoulder and plowing over the damn thing. With that much strength and explosive power, the poor tree never stood a chance.

Check out this Instagram video posted by Zettel’s, Penn St. teammate Jordan Dudas. You’ll see the perfect form for tackling a tree — should you ever have the urge — and health insurance.

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How @anthonyzettel trains in the off season

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Not sure slamming shoulder-first into a tree is something you want to do? How about just chipping away at it with your bare foot, old-school karate style. That’s what UFC middleweight contender Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida demonstrates in the video below in preparation for his upcoming fight against Luke Rockhold.

While feats like these will surely test your mental toughness, we suggest going easy on the trees and your bones, by choosing to hit something with a bit more padding.