Cable Rotational Lift

The cable rotational lift increases strength throughout the core with an emphasis on the obliques. The exercise also improves shoulder and hip mobility and stability.


  1. 773_A
    Stand with your body perpendicular to an adjustable pulley system set at floor height. Push your hips back and slightly and bend your knees to lower your body. Clasp a D-handle with both hands. The handle should be just outside your knee that's closest to the cable tower.
  2. Cable Rotational Lift
    In one movement, rotate your torso up towards your opposite shoulder. Both arms should be extended and above your outside shoulder with your back now facing the cable station. Slowly reverse the movement to return to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not create movement with your arms. Use your abs and obliques to twist.
  • Maintain tension in the cable at all times.
  • Slowly return the cable handle back to the starting position and use your abs to resist the movement.