Crossed-Leg Reverse Crunch

The crossed-leg reverse crunch exercise improves strength throughout the core including the lower abdominals and obliques. Performing the exercise with a crossed leg will ensure the development of muscular balance on both sides of the body.


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    Lie flat on your back with the knees bent, the feet flat on the floor. Cross one ankle over the top of your other knee. Bring your arms overhead and hold onto a sturdy object like a bench.
  2. Crossed-Leg Reverse Crunch
    Curl your pelvis towards your chest and lift your legs as close to your chest as possible while maintaining the cross-legged posture. Pause, return to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Brace your core throughout the entire exercise.
  • Don't use your legs to create motion. Raise your lower body by using your abs.
  • Keep your head inline with the rest of your body and avoid overarching at the neck.