Cable Lying Triceps Extension


  1. 6025_A
    Place a bench in front of a low pulley with a straight bar attachment. Lie back on the bench with your head facing the pulley. Grab the attachment with your palms facing away from your body. Extend the arms fully so your arms and torso are creating a 90-degree angle.
  2. Cable Lying Triceps Extension
    Lower the weight by bending your elbows and keeping your upper arms stationary. The bar will come to rest slightly above your forehead. Pause for one second before flexing the triceps and extending the weight back to the start position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not fling the weight back up. Move the weight in a controlled manner.
  • Keep your elbows stationary throughout the movement.
  • Do not race through the repetition. Be sure to pause and hold the contraction at the top.
  • Make sure to lower the weight close to your forehead before returning to the top.