Bent-Knee Reverse Hyperextension

The bent-knee reverse hyperextension targets and strengthens the glutes and hamstrings. The movement also improves core stability and balance.


  1. 840_A
    Lie facedown on a stable exercise bench. Grab the end of the bench with an underhand grip. The other end of the bench should be just above your waist so that your legs hang off freely. Bend your knees and brace your core. This is your starting position.
  2. Bent-Knee Reverse Hyperextension
    Lift your legs in the air so that your knees are in a straight line with your hips and shoulders. Pause then slowly lower legs back to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Make sure you use control throughout the reps. Do not use momentum and swinging.
  • Do not hyperextend the lower back at the top of the rep.
  • Make sure you pause at the top of the rep.