Face Pull with External Rotation

The face pull to neck with external rotation increases strength and stability throughout the entire shoulder region. This exercise particularly targets the front and rear regions of the shoulders.


  1. 227_A
    Sit at a cable station and grab each side of the rope attachment with palms facing each other. Sit back and allow the weight to slightly pull your shoulders forward. Keep the arms straight (parallel to the floor) so you feel tension in the cable.
  2. Face Pull with External Rotation
    With the upper body stationary and chest elevated, pull the rope towards your nose. As the rope approaches your nose, externally rotate arms at the elbow so your knuckles are facing the ceiling at the end position. Return the weight by fully extending the arms back to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Keep your head stable and your chin parallel to ground throughout the movement.
  • Be certain to squeeze shoulder blades together.