Rope-Handle Cable Row

The rope-handle cable row is a multi-joint upper body movement that targets the middle back, while increasing strength and stability throughout the core.


  1. 228_A
    Sit at a low pulley cable station and grab the double-handled rope attachment. Place the feet securely on the platform and using your legs (not your back) push back into the start position with your arms fully extended and supporting the weight.
  2. Rope-Handle Cable Row
    With the upper body stationary, pull the cable attachment towards the waist. Keep the chest forward and shoulders down while squeezing shoulder blades together. Return the weight by fully extending the arms back to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not lean forward during the exercise. Keep your torso upright and back straight.
  • To end the set, return the weight to the start position by bending at the knees, not the lower back.