Single-Leg Deadlift with Barbell

The single-leg deadlift with barbell builds leg and back strength while improving core stability, balance, and coordination.


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    Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart. Grasp a barbell, your arms fully extended toward the ground, hands shoulder-width apart, and palms facing your thighs. While lifting one foot a few inches off the floor to bring it behind you, slightly bend the knee of your supporting leg.
  2. Single-Leg Deadlift with Barbell
    Push your hips backward, bending at the waist to lower your torso toward the ground as your rear leg trails behind you to help with balance. Push out your chest, only going as low as you can without your lower back rounding. Let the weights touch the floor, pause, and then squeeze your glutes to return to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Only bend through the hips.
  • Keep your chest up tall and your back flat throughout the exercise.
  • Squeeze your glutes at the top of the exercise for the biggest benefit.