Dumbbell Lunge

The dumbbell lunge is a single-leg strength exercise that increases strength in the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. The exercise also improves core stability and develops lower body speed.


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    Grab a pair of dumbbells with a neutral grip so that your palms are facing each other. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms fully extended at your sides.
  2. Dumbbell Lunge
    Push your chest out and take a large step forward with one leg, lowering your rear knee toward the ground while keeping your front shin as vertical as possible. Use the front leg to push yourself back to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Make sure you descend into the lunge by dropping your hips, rather than jutting the knee forward.
  • Do not let either heel turn inward. Instead, keep feet in line with the rest of the leg.