Squat Jump Onto Box

This variation to the squat jump increases lower body power, strength, and speed. The movement also improves coordination and core stability. When you jump onto the box, focus on landing “softly” to minimize the impact on your knees. It’s also important that you don’t land deeper than your starting point. So if you start with a quarter squat before you jump, you should land in a quarter squat and not lower.


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    Stand in front of a secured box or bench at an appropriate height for your ability. It's always better to start lower and work your way up. The higher the box is, the further away you need to stand.
  2. Squat Jump Onto Box
    Dip down into a quarter-squat position, then quickly explode your hip and legs upward while swinging your arms in the air to propel yourself on top of the box. Land softly on the box and come to a standing position. Slowly step off the box back into starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not attempt this on an unstable platform.
  • Make sure to land lightly on the box.