Stepout Swing

The stepout swing is a dynamic and explosive exercise that targets the hamstrings and glutes. This exercise also works your core, shoulder, and quadriceps muscles.


  1. 1010_A
    Stand tall with your feet together and hold a kettlebell with both hands in front of your thighs.
  2. Stepout Swing
    Step out to the side with one foot. With your knees slightly bent, push your hips back, and swing the kettlebell back and between your legs.
  3. 1010_C
    Thrust your hips forward as you stand up. Allow the bell to swing upward and quickly step your foot back to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not squat down as you swing the kettlebell. The motion should be in your hips.
  • Do not use your arms to swing the kettlebell up. The movement should be created by the hip thrust.
  • As you swing the kettlebell between your legs you should feel tension in your hamstrings and glutes.