Wide-Grip Barbell Deadlift

The wide-grip barbell deadlift strengthens the entire back of the body from head to toe. The extended grip increases demand on the lower back, shoulders, and forearms while also increasing the total range of motion of the exercise.


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    Stand in a shoulder-width stance with feet pointed slightly outwards. Place shins against the barbell and push hips back while grabbing the bar with a wide overhand grip.
  2. Wide-Grip Barbell Deadlift
    Brace core, slightly bend knees, and drive hips forward while lifting the bar upwards with your body, keeping arms fully extended. Pause when it reaches thigh height and you are standing upright. Hold and then lower the bar back to the floor in a controlled motion.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not let the bar sway away from the body. Keep it stable.
  • Make sure you come to a full lockout at the top with tight hips.