Roll Back to Pullup to Toes to Bar


  1. HE0218_FE_COMPD_04
    Stand in front of a mat that’s beneath a pullup bar.
  2. Roll Back to Pullup to Toes to Bar
    Squat down and roll back onto mat, using your core to power your bent legs into the air.
  3. HE0218_FE_COMPD_06
    Use the momentum to roll back to standing
  4. HE0218_FE_COMPD_07
    Jump up and grab the pullup bar. Perform a pullup.
  5. HE0218_FE_COMPD_08
    At bottom of pullup, drop to a full hang.
  6. HE0218_FE_COMPD_09
    Keep back and legs straight and lift toes to bar, performing a hanging leg raise until toes touch bar. Lower yourself back to floor and repeat.