Tire Flips

Tire Flips

 Flipping tires is a cheap, scalable way to build strength and increase aerobic capacity. Best of all, you can learn the move quickly.


  1. Tire flip 1
    Place your feet slightly wider than your hips, about 12 inches back from the tire. Squat down and press your chest and shoulders hard into the sidewall of the tire. With a slight bend in your elbows, slide your fingers under to grab the bottom of the tire.
  2. Tire flip 2
    Extend your hips and keep your elbows fixed. Keep your shoulders pressed into the tire. As your hips extend, shuffle one foot forward. This loads the opposite hip for a kick. Violently kick your knee through the tire to complete the flip.

Trainer’s Tips

  • You’ll want to drive through with your dominant (kicking) leg, but alternate legs for balanced development.