Have you ever found yourself perusing the aisles of a convenience store, stopping briefly (but not too briefly) at the condom section and wondering if you’d fit in the gold-wrapped monstrosity that is the Magnum condom? Have you ever debated buying a box just to see for yourself? Or would the embarrassment be too much to handle if the condom was, indeed, too much too handle? 

Don’t sweat it—Trojan brand condoms answered all the sizing questions you could possibly have pondered. First thing’s first, dimensions:

How big is a Trojan Magnum?

Magnums are roughly 20 percent larger than the regular Trojan Enz condom (you can check out the size chart here).

Length: 8.07″ 
Width: 2.13″ 
Head Width: 2.36″  

To put things in perspective, the average guy is working with a 5.16″ penis, according to this research published in the journal BJU International. 

Can a guy ballpark whether or not he’ll fit, or does he have to whip out a ruler?

If rulers and measuring tapes bring you back to your adolescent years, then personal trial and error is your best bet. We’re not saying to give it a whirl with a new girl and hope for the best. Buy a box and when you’ve got some spare downtime, or you’ve had a particularly taxing day at work, have at it. (Not judging; there are tons of health benefits from having an orgasm. Even if they’re self-induced.) This is the best way to determine if the fit is right and comfortable for your size.

How many guys wear Magnums?

Magnums currently hold a 14 percent dollar share of the US condom market, according to Nielsen figures. A Millward Brown study conducted in 2015, also suggests 25 percent of men in the U.S. have tried Magnums.

Are there different types of Magnums?

Over at Trojan, Magnums represent ‘living large,’ so they say they’re always trying to make it the best it can be. The latest innovation is Magnum BareSkin, the thinnest of the bunch. It’s 20 percent thinner and 18 percent wider than a standard latex condom, and provides heightened sensitivity and comfort.

Muscle & Fitness PSA:

Aside from, y’know, abstinence, condoms are still the best method of protection against accidental pregnancies and STIs, which keep rising. Nearly 20 million new cases of STIs happen each year in the U.S., the CDC recently reported. Safe beats sorry every time. 

And if you fall a little short of fitting into a Magnum, relax. It’s not like a fitness plateau you’re failing to reach; it’s your anatomy. The key to maximizing pleasure with any condom is using the one that fits the best. “Condoms are designed in different shapes and sizes with smooth or textured surfaces to meet fit and comfort, and to satisfy a wide range of people’s preferences,” Trojan adds. The bottom line: Find the condom that’s right for you.