Anyone who tells you it’ll be easy isn’t really being honest with you. I think that to transform your physique, you have to first be realistic about what you’re trying to accomplish. You need to set clear goals for yourself, or at least one goal in the beginning.

Something that has helped me is using role models. When I started working out I had three role models: Bruce Lee for his shredded body, Jean-Claude Van Damme for his flexibility and overall shape, and Arnold Schwarzenegger for his strength. After training for more than 15 years, I believe I’ve achieved my goal; now I just want to maintain my physique. Consider finding somebody you want to look like and who inspires you to give your best every day.

Another thing that helped me is to take pictures. Looking at a picture of yourself is much different than looking in a mirror. In a photo, you can see the strong parts and weaker areas. What you’re looking for is overall development, a balanced body with great proportion and symmetry.

Visualize what you want to look like; if I did it, anybody can. I’ve been training for a long time, and it has helped me stay on track. I’ve never had a beer, a cigarette or any type of drugs. Your body is the only thing you really own, so take care of it. You get from training what you put into training, so be honest with yourself, train hard, dream big and it’ll happen. Julien Greaux is a professional martial artist, personal trainer, fitness model and actor. He’s a BSN-sponsored athlete.

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