Donald Trump Beating Hillary In Key Swing State Poll

The billionaire is showing signs of a surge in Florida!

Donald Trump Beating Hillary In Key Swing State Poll

Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton in a key swing state!

A plethora of reports have insisted that Trump (shown above at an Orlando rally) has already lost the election — but the business mogul is looking toward a potential victory, beginning in the crucial swing state of Florida.


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A newly released Bloomberg Politics poll shows Trump beating Hillary 45 percent to 43 percent.

Among independent voters, Trump has 43 percent compare to Hillary’s 41 and with third-party candidates included, Trump “picks up 1 point with independents while Clinton drops to 37 percent, with Libertarian Gary Johnson taking 9 percent and the Green Party’s Jill Stein getting 5 percent,” Bloomberg reported.

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The poll was conducted between Oct. 21-24 with nearly 1,000 Florida residents surveyed who have voted already — or claim they will surely vote.

The survey found that 64 percent of Florida voters “believes the nation is going on the ‘wrong track,’ while only 29 percent believe the US is headed in the ‘right direction,’ The New York Postreported.

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Hillary had regularly been in the lead in Florida. Previously, a Quinnipiac University survey showed Hillary in the lead by 4 percentage points.


But Trump is surging back because of his advantage with independents in Florida. Trump also “wins older voters (51%) and voters without a college degree (50%),” CNN reported — adding that the Republican is strongest in more conservative, rural areas and the state’s northwest panhandle.”