Whether you’re a lifter, runner, CrossFitter, or an athlete, you’ve likely noticed that your favorite gear is usually the stuff that’s comfortable, performs well in the gym, and looks great (the 42% increase in sports apparel sales over the past seven years is proof you’re not the only one who feels this way).

Finding shirts or shorts that match that criteria can be tough. Tapout feels your pain. Once known primarily as a maker of graphic-heavy MMA-inspired T-shirts, the company has revamped the brand after being purchased by Authentic Brands Group (ABG) in 2010. Product now focuses on the function of its shirts, tank tops, shorts, hoodies, and compression gear with a goal to make them even more performance-friendly and accessible. In 2015, Tapout entered into a joint-venture with WWE to further its commitment to fitness.

“As WWE’s official fitness and training partner, Tapout is worn by WWE Superstars during their rigorous training regimens,” says Casey Collins, WWE Executive Vice President, Consumer Products. “Getting instant feedback from some of the best athletes in the world allows us to bring the best possible products to the marketplace.”

So far, it’s clearly paying off. The next phase of Tapout’s evolution includes an even greater focus on fitness: Footwear, accessories, eyewear, energy drinks, and equipment are all in the works. And Tapout Fitness Gyms are already open in NYC, California, Georgia, and North Carolina with another eight to 10 locations set to open throughout 2017.

“Everything we do goes back to Tapout’s brand mission: ‘to inspire the athlete in every individual,’ ” says Nick Woodhouse, President and CMO at ABG. “We are committed to delivering on that promise.”

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