To get the body that you want, all you have to do is train hard and eat right. Right?

Yes, but, splashing the right supplements into an already sound exercise and nutrition plan can absolutely help you speed up your gains. And with the huge number of supps out in the market today, taking your physique to new places has never been easier—that is, if you can decipher pesky, misleading labels and shaky advice from wannabe gurus.

But purchasing supplements isn't something that you want to dive into blind. Your dollars are valuable (to you, as well as the guys at your local vitamin store), so it's imperative that you educate yourself on what's out there, what you need and perhaps more importantly, what you don't.


The Ultimate Supplement Handbook not only dishes the A to Z on just about every product available but it educates you on how to best use these products to reach your personal goals. Whether you want to shed bodyfat, boost your testosterone levels or recover faster from your hardcore workouts, this book has something for everyone.

We don't stop there though.
In addition to the encyclopedic A to Z feature, we offer some consumer wisdom and service in the following areas:

>> 24 Hours of Supps
An hour–by–hour guide to making gains around the clock

>> Stacks 'R' Us
14 of the top supplement combinations, sorted by goal

>> 3 Months of Muscle
Complete training and nutrition program for massive muscle gains in 12 weeks

>> Shredded Bliss
Complete training and nutrition program to get peeled in just eight weeks

>> Eight is Enough
The basics on what it takes to eat for size

The Ultimate Supplement Handbook is available at bookstores through May!