1. Innovative Delivery: PERFORMIX Supercharged Preworkout utilizes Liquid Fusion Technology for rapid absorption of clinically effective ingredients.

2. More Energy, Less Jitters: The blend of caffeine and TeaCrine® provides sustained energy throughout your workout without unpleasant jitters and crashes.

3. Key Performance Ingredients: Whether you’re a beginner or serious athlete, ingredients like caffeine, OceanixTM, and AlphaSize® support focus, energy levels, and endurance during your training.

4. Convenient and Portable: PERFORMIX Supercharged Preworkout’s liquid capsules eliminate the mess and bulk of powders, making it a convenient on-the-go alternative to cumbersome tubs.

5. Rapid Absorption: The liquid capsule delivery system delivers the ingredients quickly into your bloodstream to support your pre-workout needs.

6. Focus and Hydration: Supercharged Preworkout includes ingredients like coconut water powder and electrolytes to support hydration, focus, and performance during your workout.

PERFORMIX® Supercharged Preworkout supplement
The Vitamin Shoppe

Courtesy of The Vitamin Shoppe

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