Ingredient Transparency
What’s listed on the label is what’s inside – no hidden blends, gluten, or synthetic colors.

Energizing Formula
Essential ingredients such as L-carnitine, natural caffeine, and theobromine work together to fuel your workouts and sustain energy levels.

Promotes Fat Burning and Appetite Control
Discover the botanical support for your metabolism and appetite from Adipogenix™, a derivative of the Rosa multiflora plant.

Flavorful Refreshment
Enjoy two tasty flavors that have been meticulously designed to complement your active lifestyle.

Cognitive Component Integration
 Key ingredients like L-Tyrosine and Huperzine A are included to help keep you alert and focused during intense training routines.

Synergistic Thermogenic Support
The thermogenic formula from Shredded Physique features MitoBurn” and Raspberry Ketones, formulated to complement the body’s natural thermogenic processes.

Quality Sourced Ingredients
Every component in Shredded Physique is carefully selected from high-quality sources to ensure that you receive the best in every dose.

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Shredded Physique Supplement
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