Brandon Adams, entrepreneur, speaker-coach, and self-made millionaire, has released a book titled From Rims to Riches: 10 Business Lessons I Learned From Playing Sports. The book, which recently entered the Amazon Best Sellers list, recounts Adams’ journey from a multi-sport athlete to a serial entrepreneur with multiple million-dollar companies under his belt.

Sports have always been hailed as key to the development of young individuals, teaching them various lessons and preventing them from falling to negative influences, such as vices and crime. In his book. Adams demonstrates how his experiences in youth and high school sports have also made a huge impact on his career and businesses, having taught him many valuable lessons that helped him take his ordinary life to the level he aspired to.

Throughout Rims to Riches, Adams will share ten important business lessons he learned through playing and coaching sports. He also emphasizes that success is what each person defines it to be, and he teaches readers how to evaluate risk, the benefits of betting on themselves, and the best way to “play” offensively to maintain their advantage over the competition and many more lessons he had the joy of learning as a young athlete.

Each chapter deals with various chapters of Adams’ life, such as playing basketball, football, and track and field in his youth, being coached, overcoming obstacles, failure, as well as dealingwith teammates. It also shows how he started his own businesses, which include the nationwide mold remediation company Pure Maintenance, as well as how he applied the lessons he learned in sports in addressing the challenges he encountered in business. This includes how he harnessed his own competitive spirit and the desire to be better than he previously was to build up his business.

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into writing this book,” Adams says. “I hope my children will read this book when they get older and realize the things that made their dad the way he is. I also hope that they get into sports and connect the dots with my experience, relating it to what they are going through.”

According to Adams, he wrote Rims to Riches not just to help those within the Pure Maintenance family but also to reach out to the youth in the community and inspire them to take up sports or stay in sports. Adams says that the lessons that the youth can learn from sports are invaluable and will serve them well throughout their life. Like many young athletes, Adams dreamed of making the pro leagues. But, even if he didn’t make it, the time and effort he spent practicing and playing was never wasted.

“Today, I’m very passionate about Little League sports and making sure kids are involved in sports competitions and other team settings,” he says. “These teach them skills that they won’t be able to learn in a classroom environment or in a video game. I’m very excited that many people are reading my book, and hopefully, it can influence not only entrepreneurs but also high school kids who are thinking about their future careers.”

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