Inno Supps is a natural supplement company that has quickly become a highly trusted leader in the supplement space, especially when it comes to revolutionizing male vitality with their male-focused line of supplements, which includes the natural testosterone booster T-Drive.

T-Drive has been around for a while and has a slew of positive reviews from men of all ages raving about how this product has enhanced their general physical well-being and performance at the gym, work, and “the bedroom.” 

In recent months, T-Drive has gained the attention of numerous highly respected physicians who say it is providing customers with a natural solution that is clinically proven to boost free and total testosterone levels by addressing key biological factors that interfere with testosterone production in men.

Maintaining healthy testosterone levels is more important now than ever. A new study released in November 2022 found both sperm count and concentration have declined sharply in recent years. Researchers and doctors are calling these findings “extremely alarming.” 

Let’s dive into T-Drive and how doctors say it can help men decrease their odds of this decline and help support healthy testosterone levels, which are essential for everything from sex drive and energy levels to weight management and more. 

Doctor Point of View: Inno Supps’ T-Drive

Meet The Doctors That Back Inno Supps’ T-Drive

Inno Supps has several doctors that publicly back and use their supplements, which range from whey and vegan proteins and pre-workouts to gut health products, a one-of-a-kind male hair growth formula and more. 

Here are two of the physicians that stand behind T-Drive:

Dr. Fayez Ajib, M.D., is an emergency medicine physician in Los Angeles, California.

While studying biomedical sciences at the University of Central Florida, he became a devoted opportunist to the studies of medicine and its applications. 

Dr. Fayez utilizes a unique whole-person approach to help prevent illness and injury. This patient-centered approach requires him to look beyond symptoms and instead emphasize listening and partnering with patients to help them get healthy and stay well. 

Dr. Anika Ackerman, M.D. is a board-certified urologist with a thriving practice at Garden State Urology in New Jersey. Her areas of specialty include male and female sexual dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, BPH, voiding dysfunction, and urinary incontinence. 

Not only is Dr. Ackerman at the top of her game with cutting-edge urology care, she has always held a passion for cosmetic medicine, and splits her time at a med spa where she focuses on non-invasive cosmetic procedures for the face and body.   

What Is Testosterone and How Doctors Say T-Drive Helps Boost Test Production 

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. Women also have this hormone, but in smaller amounts. If you have low testosterone levels, it can negatively affect your quality of life.

Dr. Fayez and Dr. Ackerman say that low testosterone can lead to things such as…

  • A low sex drive
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • The inability to lose weight
  • Fatigue and issues with sleep
  • A poor mood and increased anxiety
  • A decrease in bone density.
  • Low sperm count and sperm motility

For most men, age is the leading reason for low testosterone levels. Testosterone naturally begins to decline in the 30s. But other factors lead to low testosterone levels in men of all ages, such as being overweight, having unhealthy lifestyle habits and even environmental factors out of your control.

Declining male vitality was already considered a widespread problem, but a new study released this year suggests it is becoming a more significant issue than ever before. Researchers conclude that sperm count and concentration are at an all-time low, plummeting 62% worldwide.

Experts say it’s hard to tell why we are seeing such a sharp decline, but it may be due to environmental exposures, chemicals or changes in weight.

Dr. Ackerman, who specializes in urology and sees many men suffering from fertility issues and erectile function, believes that declining testosterone levels are likely responsible for at least part of this decline.

“Lower testosterone levels may increase the incidence of low libido and erectile dysfunction and consequently lead to lower fertility,” explains Dr. Ackerman. 

Dr. Ackerman says that T-Drive is one of the safest and most effective ways to help offset this by promoting healthy testosterone production.

“The ingredients in T-Drive have been studied and are shown to be extremely effective at helping your body produce more testosterone, increase sperm count and sperm motility,” Dr. Ackerman says. 

Dr. Fayez agrees, saying that getting your hormones in check is one of the most important things men can do to optimize their health and performance, adding that T-Drive is “one of the most effective ways for any man to boost testosterone levels naturally.” 

“I truly believe every man can reap the benefits of being on T-Drive. It’s truly the most effective product out there,”  says Dr. Fayez.

The Natural Ingredients in Inno Supps T-Drive and Why Doctors Say They Are Effective


Dr. Fayez and Dr. Ackerman both say that one of the primary reasons they suggest T-Drive to anyone looking to naturally boost test levels is that this cutting-edge testosterone booster contains several herbs and key nutrients that are clinically known to boost testosterone, improve overall vitality and help stimulate and support healthy testosterone production.

“Whether you’re looking to amplify muscle growth, increase energy levels or enhance gym performance, I highly recommend T-Drive. The clinically studied, natural ingredients are highly effective at supporting healthy testosterone levels to help men reach their peak potential,” says Dr. Fayez.

“There aren’t many testosterone boosters on the market with an ingredient profile as impressive as T-Drive. It is far superior to other natural test supplements I’ve seen,” says Dr. Ackerman.  

Here is a breakdown of the 10 natural ingredients in T-Drive and the clinical backing Dr. Fayez and Dr. Ackerman say each provides:

KSM-66®: The star ingredient in T-Drive is KSM-66®, a superior form of the adaptogen herb ashwagandha.

Dr. Fayez says this ashwagandha, and specifically KSM-66®, has some very impressive research – “In proper dosages, like the one in T-Drive, KSM-66 has been clinically shown to boost semen volume by up to 53% and increase free and total testosterone levels for men.”

Furthermore, in the 90-day pilot study that Dr. Fayez is referencing, at the end of the study, the men with a low sperm count that consumed 675 mg of KSM-66® daily (the exact dose in a serving of T-Drive) also experienced:

  • 167% increase in sperm count
  • 57% increase in sperm motility
  • 17% increase in serum testosterone levels

Dr. Ackerman agrees that of all the ingredients in T-Drive, KSM-66® is the most impressive.

“There are a lot of testosterone booster supplements that contain ashwagandha, however, many don’t use this particular extract of it and/or dosages that are shown to be clinically effective. T-Drive boasts 675 mg of KSM-66® per serving — higher than any other supplement I’ve seen on the market.”

Fenugreek: Taking fenugreek daily is clinically shown to increase testosterone levels and improve body composition. One study found that it can almost double free testosterone levels in only eight weeks. In addition to increasing testosterone levels, studies also show fenugreek enhanced mood, energy and libido.

Magnesium: This vitamin is vital for healthy hormone production in men. One study showed that men who consumed magnesium for four weeks had an average rise in free testosterone of 24%. Magnesium is also known to reduce cortisol levels, boost testosterone and promote muscle strength.

Zinc: A zinc deficiency is shown to lower testosterone levels. Zinc supplementation is shown to nearly double free testosterone levels (in men ages 55-73) and is especially effective when paired with magnesium. 

Epimedium: Also known as horny goat weed, epimedium is a known aphrodisiac that is said to help increase libido and stamina.

Boron: This trace mineral is shown to help free testosterone production. A one-week study of men aged 18-29 uncovered that consuming just 10 mg of boron daily increased free testosterone by up to 28.3%. 

Coleus: Studies show that supplementation with coleus forskohlii may help decrease body mass, enhance lean muscle mass, and naturally increase testosterone production.

Niacin: An essential vitamin that supports healthy hormone levels and acts as a vasodilator to increase blood flow, which helps with erectile dysfunction. 

Vitamin D3: Studies show sufficient vitamin D levels are associated with increased sperm production and mobility. It has also been shown to help build lean muscle mass. More muscle mass helps increase testosterone levels and energy levels. 

Tribulus Terrestris: This botanical is commonly used in testosterone boosters because it is known to help men with erectile dysfunction and increase sex drive and testosterone levels.

Doctors Say Inno Supps’ T-Drive is Clean and Safe

t-drive supps 2

Another reason both Dr. Fayez and Dr. Ackerman believe Inno Supps products differ from many other supplements on the market is they are made from natural ingredients and considered clean.

Before putting their name behind T-Drive, both doctors say they also had to ensure Inno Supps took specific measures to ensure safety and effectiveness. 

“Inno Supps uses safe ingredients, so the products are free from harmful additives. They also follow good manufacturing practices, use ingredients from trustworthy suppliers and all their supplements are third-party tested for safety and efficiency. Since supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, this is very important,” says Dr. Ackerman.


If you are looking to safely boost testosterone levels without controversial creams and injections, T-Drive by Inno Supps is the natural supplement several highly respected doctors suggest to their patients. 

“Healthy testosterone levels are critical for amplifying muscle growth and reducing body fat, which is why I recommend T-drive. It’s packed with natural ingredients at clinically effective doses to increase free and total testosterone levels and help men achieve optimal body composition,” Dr. Fayez

With consistent use, in the opinion of these trusted doctors and thousands of happy customers, T-Drive can help you have:

  • Supercharged hormone levels
  • Enhanced endurance and stamina
  • Improved body composition
  • More desire and overall vitality

“As a urologist, I spend a lot of time trying to get to the root cause of why my patients are experiencing fertility issues, low sex drive, and other sexual dysfunctions. Often, low testosterone is the primary reason they are struggling. In my opinion, T-Drive is the most effective way men can naturally boost testosterone levels and increase sperm count and motility,” says Dr. Ackerman.

Click here to learn more and grab your supply of T-Drive, so you supercharge your testosterone levels and experience an overall restored, youthful feeling! 

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