Wow.. it's been 8 years since I last felt like that being the last man standing and now I got to feel it 2 weeks in a row and I must admitt it feels great! This is exactly what I had planned in order to put my name back on the map and words can not express what went thru my mind when they anounced me the winner in Dallas. I felt pretty confident after prejudging that I was the front runner but then agin I had that feeling so many times before and didn't make it so it's always in the back of your head until the MC anounces the top 5 and starts counting down the placings. I was overwelmed and super happy at the same time, and in a situation like that sometimes you just don't know how to act lol. I want to thank all the other competitors for a great competition and I welcome some of the new additions to this years Mr.Olympia. Trust me going to the O will be a lifetime experience you will never forget and I personally think being a part of this years Mr.Olympia is something special since I believe that this year will be the most competitive Olympia in the history of the IFBB. And that is exactly why I told myself I need to win both shows in order to get the callouts I need at the Olympia to be able to show that DJ is still allive and kicking! I again started training early Sunday morning by doing a cardio session at the Hyatt fitness club at 5.30 am, I know it's a little crazy but that is just who I am. I know I need to be even harder at the Olympia and this is what Gearge and I will be focusing on the next 6 weeks. It will be all about conditioning at the Olympia and I will leave no stones unturned in order to come in as conditioned as I can possibly get. Alot of people ask me what my goal is for the Olympia and all I can say is my number one priority for the O is to come in and have everybody say that I was spot on, where I will place is in the hand of the judges and I think there will be a few surprises this year since the lineup is so stacked it will be very hard for the judges to decide where to place who so it will come down to who is spot on on game day and who will be slightly off or even off since that happends all the time and believe me it can happen to everybody. I still haven't decided if I should do Atlantic City or not but I guess I will do that as soon as I get back from Vancouver this weekend. I know many would say that I do to many shows and my body will be tired but believe me I get better from show to show and I feel so refreshed after doing all these shows this year that I think staying at home 6 weeks til the Olympia is such a big gap that I just might be better off doing the AC Iin order to stay in the game. But we will see by next week. Again thanks to all the fans out there for your support and all the inspiring emails, it's you guys who keep me motivated and focused and I thank you all for that from the bottom of my heart! DJ