4 weeks out of the Big O !!


the countdown to the final 4 weeks has begun. I'm back home for a week now and my training is going really,really good. I'm back to my old style heavy training like back in the days for atleast 2 more weeks before I drop it down a bit. I'm injury free and super motivated which of course came from winning 2 shows back to back. My weight is right where I want it to be at this point since our goal was to add a few pounds after the shows and fill out with still great condition. So far everything George and I planned happend just like we thought it should. After I returned from Vancouver we adjusted my diet a bit with higher carbs. My calorie intake was like follows calories 3387 protein 435.5g carbs 302.5g fat 47.9g sodium 1565mg then 2 days ago we adjusted again to calories 3044 protein 423.8g carbs 234.7g fat 45.3g sodium 1547mg we will probaly adjust on a weekly basis from here on out but the scale is not whats important for me, this time it's all about condition since I know that I have enough size and don't have to worry about anybody making me look small. I feel real good about my prep this year and like I mentioned before it's possible to get better with each show and I'm about to prove that to everybody who thinks it's not possible. Stay tuned for more updates All the best DJ